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From creatures Made by hand to My ocs and even Fanart and if your luckly even a writen story may pop up, there are soo many things I like to let my creative mind work on all I need is a little love (or a few comments) for the things I've made in here to keep my creative ideas going


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Alana / Miss Kitty
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
An Aussie gal with a German Background =P ((Who also likes to take the form or a magical flying cat call Miss Kitty))

Likes to Draw and dream up characters with stories to go with them or make things

Loves to have a job that's creative and could use the art skills I have!

FaceBook -…

addadhdmisskittyalana.tumblr.c… the personal The Artblog I have a Twitter now go figure

DeviantArt -

Current Residence: Australia =p
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga Cartoon
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano
Favourite cartoon character: I have to many favs cartoon/Anime characters to list =P
sorry I've not been on my DA at all much just been super busy, I had my birthday, went as Mimikyu (from Pokemon sun and moon) for Sydney Smashcon 2016

Work has been driving me nuts and then there's a trip to Perth to visit a friend in October so yeah life has me busy but I have been drawing every day just had no time to scan them all in to upload any to my DA but there are photos of all my drawings on my art blog on tumblr (look up misskittyalanaart on tumblr your sure to find my art blog that I update a photo of drawings I do every day)

Still looking forward to the Pokemon sun and moon and the next Yo-Kai watch game 💕

Also I'd like to note to anyone trying to befriend any of Twitter accounts I was once using to not bother with those please I've left them all for dead because I was worried over the horrible person I was becoming by being on Twitter, other people may be ok just I was starting to become a person I did not wish to be so I'm not using Twitter ever again (also I need room to ramble so I can sort out my attention deficit disorder brain's throughs and Twitter really doesn't let me ramble at all and sometimes I need to ramble😥)  just don't know why but Twitter just doesn't work well with me so sorry Twitter I'll just stick to tumblr and da for my art /geek needs

Oh and Pinterest, can't forget I'm still using that account

Anyway I'll try to scan some of my drawings in later when I have more time

But please do check out the tumblr art blog Misskittyalanaart, I post drawings to that every day (and not all of them will make it to scanning and uploading to DA because as an adult life doesn't always give me the time to do so)

I hope your all doing well 😊

And Thank you for all the watches and faves they do mean the world to me, also must say thank for the nice comments some of you leave as well ^_^

This is

~ Alana Felicity Bochmann
A.K.A. Kittychan2005 / Miss Kitty

Sighing out =P (Razz)

TMNT MissKitty TransformersJazz other Universes by Kittychan2005
Colourful drawings by Kittychan2005
  • Listening to: Spooky scary skeletons and mystery skulls ghost
  • Reading: shoujo or comics manga magical books
  • Watching: Anime Cartoons marvel movies animated movies
  • Playing: app games Yokai watch Yo-kai watch or pokemon
  • Eating: gf treats
  • Drinking: Tea or lemon lime bitters


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MarcosPower1996 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!!!!
Msartgoff7 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2016
Hey Kittychan2005,
It's me Msartgooff7 again! How are you?

Rember you said about people like us being toon by toon?
I just watched a Bonkers episode when Luck gets tooned , not only Bonkers said about toon rub off on humans but also he said that being tooned is temporary.

But how dose Ammie kept being tooned everyday in her life?
Kittychan2005 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
She lives with toons and grew up in toon town and is being raised by toons that would rub off on her all the time she's been around toons for as long as she remembers
Msartgoff7 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016
But what happens if the toonedt wears off on her?
Aurora-ASB Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks for the :+fav:!
Kittychan2005 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome 😊
Msartgoff7 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016
Hey Kittchan2005, 

It's me Msartgoff7 and I sometching to tell ask you about.

I really do like your idea of a charater Ammie Valiant Rabbit,
a human child raised by toons is a good idea.
But I have 2 or 3 questions!

1. Dose Ammie ever miss her grandfather?
3. Did she had trouble fitting in Toontown and other human children?
3 How she be able service in Toontown since she was raised by Jessica and Roger Rabbit?

Thanks for reading and please let me know.
Kittychan2005 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah right

1) she was an infant when he past so she doesn't remember him
2) being as she was raised in toontown she learn all the tips and tricks (I was thinking she more like Tarzan only it's cartoon characters and not Gorillas) also I remember in the in the bonkers cartoon bonkers said something about how cartoons can rub off onto humans and thus give humans some of their cartoon like powers so if a human was raised by cartoons they'd be able to do a lot things cartoons can do but humans normally can't

2) Ammie fits in pretty well in toon town it's all she knows it's when she get to the age she has to start going to human school and enter the human world outside of toon town is when she has trouble fitting in because she'd understand cartoon logic and well the human world doesn't really follow cartoon logic, also some of the human kids at the school think she's really weird and don't understand her unless they happen to be cartoon fans and they get the idea she's being raised by cartoon characters, middle school and high school will be hard on her because those are the years where SOME pre-teens /teenagers start to before cartoons are just for kids/little kids so I believe she'll get bullied for that but thanks to being around toons so long she can use cartoon logic to get away from them and even sometimes get back at them (always scares or shock the bullies when she does things only a cartoon character is able to do)

3) well being as she's been in toon town from when she was an infant the cartoon characters that love doing cartoon shows for human kids would and have been looking out for her along with jessica and Roger rabbit and she would of learn a lot tricks on how to service in toontown from them plus she helps them out with their acts for their show, a lot of her friends are cartoon characters it's only later she makes any human friends, she's great with human kids through it's the order kids/teens and adults she doesn't always get along with to those humans she is a little on the weird freaky side

I mean how many human could pop out of a tiny desk draw as if it's nothing?
Msartgoff7 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2016
Thanks for telling me all of that and I think when She gets to middle school and high school Ammie will use abilities to help people and stand up to bad guys.
Kittychan2005 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your welcome, and I think that too
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